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OasisCG can help you build an effective and dynamic web site based on your personalized requirements.

OasisCG Provides full service solutions which include the creation, hosting and maintenance of exceptional web sites

We can build "on spec"; you tell us exactly what you want included in your site, including text, images, special features, databases, forms, etc. and we construct the site to express your ideas stylishly and precisely.

OasisCG can also help you develop a "web identity" that will highlight and enhance your business presence; we will create elements to capture the essence of your products and services and use these custom elements to create a special web "look" tailored to your market and message.


Animation and Multimedia
The use of sound, animation and video on a web site is done with careful consideration to load time and other key criteria. OasisCG utilizes the latest technology and software to create an engaging multimedia experience.

Programming & Software Coding
OasisCG is proficient in all major programming languages. Dynamic HTML, JAVA, PERL, and other computer languages
are used to optimize the performance of an online presence.

Web Site Updates and Maintenance
In advance of launching a web site, OasisCG works with clients to establish a schedule for site updates and maintenance that keeps content current and fresh.

Our account team works with your staff to ensure that deadlines are met and original content ideas are constantly being developed to feed the global appetite for content.

Finally, using a combination of our graphics, programming and assorted technical skills, we can craft a web site that implements specialized key features of your site such as electronic commerce.

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