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Maintenance fee
We supply our clients with maintenance services. The maintenance fee is set according to the size and the type of a  project done by OasisCG. 

Maintenance fee includes:
text replacements 
text additions
image retouching
image replacement
font replacement
changes to links on a web site 
adding new links to a web site
changes on electronic forms

Maintenance fees do not include:
PERL, JAVA scripting and
other high
-tech programming 
creation of new graphics or 
addition of new web pages


New Client specials (valid through December 2003)

For our new clients we offer 10% off of our regular prices on any project. That would include web site design, HTML, PERL, JAVA scripting and C++ programming. It also includes the creation of any electronic imaging and animation.

Existing clients (valid through February 2004)

For our existing clients we offer 5% off any addition or change on previous projects and 8% off on any new projects.

Price request

Although it is very difficult to price a project  without having detailed information about it, we will try to accommodate you.

By providing us with the information we ask in this form, you will make the process faster and easier. 

Please fill out the form below.low and  w


We promise  that our services are always satisfactory and professional. Working with the staff of OasisCG is also lots of fun.




















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OasisCG will create everything that
your company needs

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2D images 3D images animation
E-commerce site Data base site

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Tell us a little about what your organization does and how you think we can help you. We love to hear people's ideas so be as creative as you like. 

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