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We work with you to identify your key media requirements, then we help build the message, the images, the sounds, and the technology to help you deliver your idea to your customers.

Our happy clients and their cool projects...


Age progression

Roche Pharmaceuticals needed a creative trade show promotion for a new product to be used with older patients. OasisCG built and operated a video capture and image processing system to electronically "age" doctors visiting Roche's booth. Printed images of the age progression were presented to the doctors along with appropriate medical media kits. Everyone loved this system: the waiting line for the electronic aging was the longest at the show.


Vision Identics Inc.

Vision Identics Inc. is a dealer and manufacturer's representative for a wide range of sophisticated image processing products from well known companies such as Sony, Panasonic, and Kodak. OasisCG helped modernize Vision Identics' advertising by designing and building a slick web site that promotes the company's image, product lines and its relationship to its suppliers.


Honeywell household

Honeywell Corporation wanted to develop a new line of consumer household thermostats while minimizing their up-front engineering costs. OasisCG developed a "virtual" thermostat that allowed Honeywell to test the features and ease of use of its new design. Using custom Windows based software and graphics, a test user could actually program and operate an exact simulation of the thermostat. This allowed Honeywell to easily test various user interface functions.


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Human Factors ID, a NY-based industrial design firm, also needed a virtual prototype of a complex drug administration computer for use in consumer pill dispensing. Employing the talents of OasisCG, Human Factors had this prototype available for demonstration in under 10 weeks. The quick turn around time and flexibility of the simulation allowed Human Factors and their customer to minimize the time from product concept to delivery.
Also Oasiscg assisted on the the web site.


Imperial Natural Flow
Imperial Natural Flow, a seller of organic septic processing chemicals, was interested in augmenting its direct marketing efforts by using the web to promote and sell its products on-line. OasisCG created a web site for Imperial that currently presents its products to potential consumers and acts as a bridge to a planned e-commerce/on-line ordering system.


Before   and   after
Photo Restoration
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TouchTel Communications
has helped leading companies by using custom voice and data cabling to enable their communications systems. TouchTel selected Oasiscg for their web site development based on our expertise in business-to-business site design and promotion

Cafe Bonjour
Great care and attention was put in to this website in order to deliver the perfection of the restaurant's food and service. This New York Cafe offers delicious food and and excellent prices. This
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